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We love to keep our customers happy and will do our best to keep all our apps running on as many of the thousands of different Android devices out there as possible. For support for any of our apps, please have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below. If you can't find the answer there, feel free to send us an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Privacy Policy?
Which Amp App should I buy -- usbEffects or DelayEffectsPlus?
What hardware do I need to use usbEffects?
What hardware do I need to use Delay Effects Plus?
Do usbEffects or DelayEffects support recording?
usbEffects is stuttering what can I do?
usbEffects is not working what can I do?
I tried the suggestions above, but usbEffects is still not working?
Does usbEffects work on a S3 mini or S4 mini?

What is your Privacy Policy?

Githara Studios Pty Ltd knows that you take privacy seriously and so do we. This Privacy Policy explains how we manage the information we collect about you. This policy applies to the Android apps (DelayEffects, DelayEffectsPlus, usbEffects and HammerOnGuitar) that we distribute via Google Play and our website (

What information do you collect about me? We do not go out of our way to collect information about you, but your IP address, type of browser and operating system is logged by our website when you access it. If you send us an email, (including Support emails drafted by usbEffects) we will retain that email.

Why do you collect information about me? We collect this information in order provide the support services to you, so that you can use our apps.

How is my data stored? Web logs are stored by our website provider and emails are stored by our email provider. Copies of emails are also stored on our servers.

Will you share my information? We will only share your information with your permission, or we are compelled to do so by law. Our emails and web logs are stored by our third-party providers.

Will this Privacy Policy ever change? We may need to update this policy as our apps and services evolve, and to take account of changes to privacy legislation. Changes to the policy will be displayed on our website. We remain committed to respecting your privacy.

What if I have questions or concerns? Questions or concerns should be directed to our support email address: [email protected]

Which Amp App should I buy -- usbEffects or DelayEffectsPlus?

There is no simple answer to this and it depends what hardware you have. If your phone supports USB audio, and you have a USB sound card (USB audio cable) that supports both input and output, then usbEffects may be the best for you. Some phones and tablets support low-latency audio using DelayEffectsPlus such as the Nexus 5 or Galaxy Nexus. In general, if you already have a cable then try that first before buying new hardware. The answer to this question is actually getting harder with time -- with the introduction of Lollipop, new Android phones can do USB Audio out of the box, we have tested several USB devices with Delay Effects Plus on a Nexus 5 running a preview version of Lollipop and it works quite well. So now you have even more options.

What hardware do I need to use usbEffects?

usbEffects requires:
1) An Android device that can support USB audio for example, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Galaxy Nexus etc.
2) An USB OTG cable (_NOT_ the same as a USB charging cable -- they are wired differently).
3) A USB Audio device or cable such as the Behringer UCG-102 or IK Multimedia's Stealth plug.

Although you can use an input-only cable such as the Rocksmith cable, we don't recommend it as the main reason for using USB audio for guitar effects in the first place was to reduce the latency. Most of the latency in Android is on the output side (from app to speaker/ headphones). Therefore if you are buying a USB guitar cable, consider looking for one with output as well as input so you can rock out to the max. In addition, if you are looking for a USB guitar cable, it is best to make sure it supports 16 bit audio. Some phones/tablets have trouble keeping up with 24 bit audio via USB.

What hardware do I need to use Delay Effects Plus?

Delay Effects Plus requires:
1) An Android device that can support audio in/output via headphone socket (most Android devices).
2) A suitable guitar cable (such as an iRig cable or a Guitar Connect cable for example).

Although this software works on most Android devices, it does have a high latency on most.

Do usbEffects or DelayEffectsPlus support recording?

At this point the focus of these apps is low-latency guitar-effects. However, we have added a Looper pedal that will let you over-dub a rhythm and lead and maybe something else. We recently introduced the ability to send WAV files via email, bluetooth and possibly others from the Looper Pedal so you can get these recording off your phone, and send them to your friends. However, if you are serious about high-quality recording and post mixing, there are apps from other software developers that focus on recording.

usbEffects is stuttering, what can I do?

There is a known problem with the Galaxy S3 and "Auto Haptic" feature. Go to settings->Sound->Auto Haptic and either turn it off completely or just turn it off for all your audio apps like usbEffects. Also try setting the "latency" in the Menu to "High". Now having said that, there may be a compatibility problem that is causing the stuttering. If you have turned off the Haptic feature, and set the Latency to High and still have problems, see the next 2 questions

usbEffects is not working, what can I do?

There are three things that need to be connected to get usbEffects to work (Android device, OTG cable and USB audio cable/sound-card). If any of these are not compatible, there may be a problem. So the first thing to check is if the power light is coming on? If not, perhaps the OTG cable is not actually an OTG cable, but a charging cable. Does Android ask you to allow access to USB? If not, the device is probably not connected correctly, or your Android device does not support USB Host-mode, where the Android device powers the bus, and plays the role of "host". One possible problem is that some recent phones (4.2.2+) require the user to "enable USB Debugging" to allow USB Audio to work. You can search the web for how to do this for your device.

Another thing to check is:

Settings -> Output Type

and Make sure it is USB if you want USB output (audio coming from the USB device, not the phone/tablet).

I tried the suggestions above, but usbEffects is still not working?

If you do get the dialog asking to allow access to USB, but still have problems, it could be that you're device doesn't support USB Audio (for example Galaxy S1, S2). Otherwise it could be a compatibility problem with our software. At this stage we would ask you to click on the "Menu" soft-button, scroll down and click on the "Debug Info" button, then click the "Send Debug" button. This will open gmail and populate a draft email for you to send to us. Tell us what kind of USB device and which kind of Android device you have and a little about the problem you are experiencing and we will investigate.

Does usbEffects work on a S3 mini or S4 mini?

As far as we know the S3 mini and S4 mini do not support USB Host mode, so they will not work without a custom-modified version of Android.