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Kevin Windross shows how its done

December 21, 2012

Following the launch of usbEffects in November we asked renowned Australian guitarist Kevin Windross into the studio for a video recording session. This video is the result.



usbEffects is GO!

November 18, 2012

After more than 6 months in the making a first version of usbEffects is launched -- Guitar into your phone through USB and out via speaker or headphones. This app has the same virtual effect pedals as Delay Effects so is a great boon for guitarists on the Android band-wagon.



Delay Effects Plus gets Wah Wah

July , 2012

Delay Effects Plus gets a new Wah Wah effect. At this point the rate and depth are fixed, but it is a great lot of fun to play with anyway.



Delay Effects launched

June 22, 2012

Delay Effects launched after 2 months in development. It appears to be the only app offering these kinds of effects, or virtual stomp boxes (Distortion, Flanger, Chorus and Harmonizer) in real-time on Android at all. Perhaps the reason for this is because of the latency on most Android devices. The app is reasonably well received despite the delay (latency)! Also this month someone asked for 2-tone bend on HammerOn guitar ... so we added it!



HammerOn Guitar launched

March 7, 2012

After nearly 6 months in the making HammerOn guitar is launched as the first app of the new Githara Studios Pty Ltd. The app is a virtual guitar for playing solos, which allows bending and playing relatively quickly with multi-touch. It supports hammer-ons and pull-offs and short runs which allow a guitarist to build up speed. The launch is a "soft-launch" without any fan-fare, advertising or media releases.